Time Gentleman

Reporting to you from Times Square where the internet flows freely (well for half an hour at least) Still in Hong Kong and having fun. We’ve been doing a fair bit of shopping, I’ve been lookin at gadgets and such, cause they’re a fair lot cheaper over here. So far I’ve got a mini DV camera which is good and some clothing but am looking to purchase a new mobile phone (my current one has served me for at least 3 years and is about to die), some new kicks to rock in (mainly lookin at Pumas or Adidas) and then some figurines to inspire/enhance my creativity. Apart from shopping, there’s been PLENTY of eating to be had and we’ve done a few touristy things, but mainly looking at mum’s old classmates properties and possessions (he has a fairly significant empire….) Missing Australia a fair bit and I can’t seem to get over the time difference, like I’ll wake up at 4/4:30 AM here, which is around 7 AM in Oz… It’s crazy… It looks like no one’s reading this blog, but I’ll be persistant!! if anyone out there is reading this thing, let me know by posting comments or jumping on the forums.

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