It’s been a draining few days, but it’s over and time to get back the unfortunate world of unemployment.

Over Friday and Saturday I had the priviledge to go to Semi-Permanent to see and hear a bevey of talented designers and directors… The list of speakers goes:

  • Revolver Film
  • Resn
  • Ed Templeton
  • Vice Magazine
  • Qube Konstrukt
  • Dixonbaxi
  • TWiN
  • The Wilderness
  • Psyop
  • Marok
  • PlanBSE
  • Weta Digital

Quite a bit of talent there and some real inspirations, a few sad stories though, like a lot of the stuff that Ed Templeton had to say kinda made me feel a bit sorry for him and made me realise how lucky Christians are, but also how sheltered they are.

Best speakers for me were Resn and Qube Konstrukt, just cause they were the most relevant to my situation. TWiN were good as well and could well be a vision of my future.

Today I headed in to Wesley Mission to ‘help out’ Fleaster with ‘Inspiration’ and have a bit of a Jam. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. You see, I thought that there’d be a bunch of guys and girls that are heaps interested in bboying and wanting to learn some stuff, guys that would really listen to you and take some direction. It turned out to be a few guys that are interested in bboying (kinda) well more breakin and popular tricks/moves. So the guys knew some stuff and just wanted specifics which they really don’t have the foundational ability for. Guys were even asking for stuff that I couldn’t do…

Something on my brain at the moment is girls and matters of the heart. It’s a crazy thing and I have some form of a love hate ‘relationship’ with it. I want it real bad, but I don’t have the guts to go after it properly cause I’m afraid that I’ll get hurt. But then it hurts not to have it as well, but such is life and we really don’t have that much control over things, because God is always in control, he wants the best for us, and is looking out for out best interests and not our wants, which in the whole scheme of things is fantastic.