It seems of late that EVERYONE is getting married, or engaged, or something or other.
Being a technical type person I’m often called upon to help out at weddings, whether running sound desk, putting together a multimedia presentation, videoing the whole thing or DJing at a reception….

To date, I have done 4 weddings where I have done at least one of these tasks and in the next 3 months I’m due to do another 4 weddings where my technical involvement will be called upon, that’s all that I know of at the moment…..

Most things run fairly smoothly because I usually have some form of relationship with 1 or both of those being married, and in the past they have been fairly good acquaintances, if not friends.

The trouble, I find, is when you are, at most, moderately acquainted with the couple. Things get a bit odd, weird and kinda uncomfortable…

For instance, I did a wedding last year and didn’t actually receive an invitation, I was just asked to do stuff and told when and where… After the proceedings, one of those involved asked if I was able to do some videoing at the reception. I however had made previous plans to go to a 21st Birthday party, since no one actually blatantly told me that I was invited to the reception….

Another thing that kinda irks me about weddings is presents.
What’s the ettiquette on those things??

If you attend a wedding, is a present required, or is it more for those attending the reception??
If you help out at the wedding, and are not paid, do you present the couple with a present or is your service enough??

If anyone out there is getting married, planning on doing so, or at least believe that they will be in the future, please clear this up before, or during your preparations…

Those that help out aren’t just there to help. They’re there to support and celebrate your day as well, unless they’re specifically hired from an external source. I plead you, on behalf of all wedding helpers out there, to make sure they’re acknowledged as guests at least with an invitation, if not a mention in your program and/or reception invitation as well.