Well I went in to the casting call this morning.
Actually I ran into Flip’n’Skip AKA Terry on the way, and he said he was readin through this the other day, so shoutouts to Teznoo!!

I rocked up to Redken and went on in to find a room full of ‘glamourous model types’ and waited around with them…. Then three redken Reps came on in and peroused the field, asked about availability and stuff, and then went around for an indepth look at peoples hair.
They had a specific brief for this ‘show’, and pretty quickly sorted out who they wanted. in the end they picked 6 girls and 2 guys. Most were in the category of ‘really really really good looking’ but a couple were average joes, or whatever the female version of joe is (Joelane, or Joeline maybe??).

They said that if there were any other ‘shows’ in the future they’d call the rest of us. I still figure I’d like to hair model at some point in time, preferably in the near future.

I hear ‘Intrigue‘ in Chatswood does it very often, but I put my name down once and never got a callback. Seems like a bit of a trend in my life….

Actually Little Jo at Antics wanted me to be her hair model, but it’s a bit different when I live in Sydney. I reckon modelling for her woulda been heaps of fun….