And the Decision is…..

9pm rolled around last night and after going to the UAC site….. 

I couldn’t access the login because it couldn’t accept anymore incoming connections….  So I went back to watching the 2-part season 5 finale of Smallville with Geoff.
After they finished up I went back to take a look and after logging in….


 I WASN’T accepted…

and now I don’t know what to do….  I was really really hoping to get into this course so I could gain the design fundamentals and theory to break into the industry properly.  So now I’m stressed and depressed…  I’m waiting, I guess, for the late round offers, of which they say there was 6,600 offers made last year, but the courses I’ve applied for didn’t have any vacancies after main round offers, so here’s hoping that people reject their offers and they offer me something…  Otherwise it looks like I’m staying here at NAB forever and a day, perhaps with some additional study afterhours…


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