Headed along to Future Music Festival today and had an absolute ball!! It’s definitely an event that has secured itself as my favourite festival each year.

I didn’t get inside till about 3 in the arvo, thanks to Pushack and Fleur’s delayed commuting to Randwick, however in that time I did see some guy walking along outside with a group of friends, beer in hand and head turned in almost the opposite direction that he was walking, run smack bang into a wooden light pole, just as he turned to the front. The impact pushed him back a little, but no beer was spilt.

On arrival through the ticketing gates there was a quick ticket check, no checks on ID, drugs, guns, alcohol, gum etc etc and it was off for a fun-filled wet wet day. An added touch to the day were about four midgets handing out programs. I quickly passed through the ITM VIP tent to get a stamp and have a look at it – nice small tent with it’s own bar and dancefloor, however the port-a-loos seemed sub-standard compared to those around for the general public.

So first DJ I ‘witnessed’ was Fedde Le Grande who was playing in the Famous tent. When I got there it was pouring heavily down with rain and the tent was overflowing at the edges with party people, so not wanting to venture in amongst the sweaty wet bodies, I decided to start my dance in the rain on the grass, and that seemed to grab at least a little attention. So I danced in the pouring rain with my white shirt sticking tomy back for a while, always watching the time so that I knew when THE MAN – Nick Warren was to go on stage.

Mr Warren got on stage just after TV Rock, which is a bit of a strange position to come into it, considering TV Rock’s brand of Electro and Nick, however varied in his sound, not touching much Electro at all. (It’s almost a swear word!!!) So Nick proceeded to storm out many a track including Paolo Mojo’s 1983, The Killers Mr Brightside and finishing off with Way out West’s Mindcircus and I was loving every minute of it!! I danced up a storm during that set, taking advantage of the ample space that was on offer, and boy o boy did I get some comments, some good, some bad, some outright wierd… Some Joe wandered aimlessly in the path of my movement and subsequently lost his tinny, then proceeded to challenge me to a fight, which I obviously ignored and some other guy stepped in and disbanded the agro… Mr Pushack was seated up in the stands and got some cool video and photos of me dancing from up there. They’re yet to make it onto the net, but when they do, check back in here.

Felix Da Housecat pounced on the crowd when Nick Warren finished and proceeded to play a big festival set, which I wasn’t too pleased with, so I went for a wander around the grounds, visited the Godskitchen arena and Kink arena… Nothing to prick my ears up despite Ferry Corsten and Joachim Garraud playing during my wander. I ended up finding Tiff and sitting down to catch up with her whilst she went through a bucket of chips, we got a photo together on her camera, so if I can get a hold of that it’ll be up in the photo journal as well…

I dropped into the Air arena to hear the ambient sounds of LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, which was a pleasant relief. I did see some guy trying to shank another guy with a Screwdriver which was rather disturbing. The evening ended up with me joining the masses at the main stage for the Big Black Carl Cox and his unique brand of funkinjackinacidhouse with not enough room to spare at all. I had a short shuffle right at the front of the stand, but ended up rounding out my night in the stands with Pushack and Fleur.