Seeing as my last post was at the start of February, I think it’s well time that I put something else down in writing here, and there’s plenty to say, and hasn’t been enough time/effort on my part to get on here to write it all down, so here goes…. (plus there’s some additional back-dated posts as well, just for good measure.)


I turned a big 27 and that was nothing special, went to work like any regular day, had dinner at home with Mum and Dad, whilst my sister went out for Valentines day with her boyfriend.

I jumped onto the Frantic E-Motion boat party and had a ball there. Danced my feet sooo sore, then headed over to Krosswerdz Hip-Hop Church in the evening for a bit and then proceeded to head out on the town with Veigli who was up in Sydney for some work thing. We headed over to Peepshow at The Cross and once again had trouble getting in the door, but once we were in things turned out alright. Left fairly early on that night…

Also got to head along to O-Week at Sydney Uni for work. Basically we spent 2 days there talking to students about free bank accounts, credit cards and student loans and handing out free stuff. For some reason or other, we had popcorn to give out, I don’t know how that relates, but it worked, I think… [Check out the photo here]


So March I think was a fairly sizable month, I’m just trying to think back to all that happened here…

Well to start off, my parents went for a trip to Hong Kong for 10 days, a perfect time to have annual leave, so for the whole period whilst they were away, I was on leave. During this time I did a fair bit to rearrange my room. Geoff came round one day and helped me to dismantle a massive wardrobe that I had in my room and I spent a lot of time rearranging my room, throwing things out and organise the remains (which is still slowly happening now). I bought a wardrobe and cabinet from Ikea to build and they now sit in my room to replace the massive wardrobe. Also had a day of Diablo II, with Geoff, Marcus, Diren and one of their mates, which was fun.

Went along to a few events which you can read about in their specific posts: Future Music Festival, Caz & Dave’s Wedding, SONY!!! and Semi-Permanent.