I keep on pushing some of the benefits of working for a large organisation like NAB and here’s another.

There’s plenty of scope to move around the bank. I recently applied for a position within the ‘Major Client Group’. My interview was today, so after a short period of work, I jumped a train to Wynyard and wandered over to NAB House at 255 George St and proceeded to get a visitor guest pass at the concierge desk and head up for the interview.

The interview was a lot more casual than I expected, and I think it went quite well overall. I expect to find out if I was successful towards the end of next week… Godwilling I will be successful, but it doesn’t hassle me that much if I don’t.

The venture back to work was full of waiting… I just missed the train at wynyard station, and the next train was a good 30 minutes later…

Another work-related event for today was the posting of the 2007 Half year result which was $2.2 billion, which is pretty good, especially since I played some sort of part in that and we got a thank you from CEO John Stewart.