Much respect & love to the SHE Sydney crew for all the work they continuously put into their monthly parties. I know that when I go to a party of theirs that I’m guaranteed to have a great night out, which is why I try to get friends to come along. This time around, I had a list of twelve down to attend with me, mostly guys and girls from church. Of that list, only one person came along…..

A week before the party; three quarters of my list were confirmed as coming along. Halfway through the week, a couple dropped out due to sickness. On the day, everyone else let me know that they weren’t coming, but they didn’t take the initiative in letting me know, I made contact to essentially confirm that they were, or in this case weren’t, coming. This both annoys and saddens me, especially since it’s not the first time it’s happened, and I’m certain that it most definitely won’t be the last. [I’ll come back to you on the desertion issue, let me tell you about the actual night].

I got in about 10:15 after an enjoyably frustrating parking spot safari that lasted about half an hour, and Industrie seemed to be a bit short on patrons…. Unfortunately I missed Grahams set & Liam Sampras was playing a loungey house set, so after attempting a short dance, and talking to some SHE regulars, it was time for a drink & to greet the friendly Industrie bar staff. Whilst up on the mezzanine level I got to have a short chat to Nick Vidal, who was about to jump up next on the decks, so I got back down and had a boogie as Liam finished up and Nick started. It was a very nice start with MAWs ‘To Be In Love’!!!

I met up with some more SHE regulars before a mate Damien showed up. The crowd was now starting to build upquite nicely now, although that meant that space was in great demand. We ended up sitting on a little ledge at the back of the club, appreciating beauty in many of its forms when a lovely blonde girl informed us of ‘another lounge area’ out the back. We pondered a while before taking advantage of this invitation and ventured out there. It turned out that this was the VIP area… So whilst we were out there she and her lovely legs occasionally wandered up to offer us drinks, which we finally accepted. The drinks didn’t sit too well however; the Jagerbombs came without enough redbull to cover the jagershot & my Canadian Club and lemonade was pretty brown aka Coke, and all this came with a slight surcharge for her ‘table service’.

As the night rolled on, Mr Robert Owens arrived and graced the VIP area. He happened to sit down right next to me, but no one was chatting to him, so I started to talk to him; asking him about his time in Australia, which he was enjoying, due to the fact that he actually got to spend some time here, as opposed to his normal jet in & out. During the week I’d read a few interviews of his in which he stated that his singing was developed by and large in the Baptist Church when he was younger, so I boldy proceeded to ask him whether he was a Christian or not. Sadly he isn’t, but we did have a nice little religious debate. Who would have expected?? After that, the camera crews arrived & shot an interview with him. Embarrasingly, however, the interviewer thought that he was Ron Carroll.

1 AM rolled around so it was time for Mr Owens to grace the decks and mic, and me to grace the dancefloor. The corridor that is Industries’ dancefloor wasn’t as occupied as normal, but patrons seemed more spread out. I settled into my regular area and started to boogie down. Owens sung up a storm, much like his set from the week before at Melbourne’s YumYum, however the flow of the set seemed quite disjointed.

As usual, I drew plenty of attention with my dancing, which was good. Best line of the night was courtesy of Erin; one of the Industrie staff, with “You look cuter when you’re dancing” whilst I was taking a break. The night ended on a sour note: someone had taken one of Roberts CD wallets, promptly ending the night.

With respect to my friends not coming along, I was pretty livid about it. I’d given them plenty of notice – 3, maybe even 4 weeks, and set out movements for the evening, giving them a chance to respond, no objections, so I could only assume that everything was fine… The most annoying thing was them not taking initiative in contacting me to let me know…

When Sunday night came around, where apologies & explanations seemed to flow like water, I was more sympathetic and loving. I mean, I’d prefer that my friends take care of themselves first of all, rather than exert themselves to keep me company, and I’d like to think they’d have the same attitude if ever the roles were reversed.