Well, we’ve arrived in Hong Kong and it’s been a nice experience so far. For those that don’t know, my family and I are here for two and a half weeks to attend my cousin Vincy’s wedding, but also visit family and friends, sightsee and shop.

Aboard the plane, i sat next to a little girl and her dad, she was pretty cute and quite intelligent as well.

Upon arrival, we scurried through immigration fairly quickly due to a second area of counters opening up just after our flight arrived. When all of our baggage had made it through, we went out the gate to be greeted by Auntie Margaret, the wife of one of mums classmates, and her Gurkha driver. A number of wealthier people have servants and even drivers and/or body-guards. The majority of these bodyguards are Gurkhas; Nepalese people were recruited by the British and Indian armies to fight, being declared as a martial race. They are especially known for their courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, physical strength, resilience and orderliness, which are very admirable qualities for bodyguards.

We dropped our luggage off at the the car and proceeded to the Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel for dinner inside one of the many restaurants. Inside our private room we were waited upon by about 4 different staff. There was plenty to eat including thick cut jellyfish, crispy fried eel, Peking duck and san choy bow. It also happened to be Valentines Day according to the lunar calendar, so dessert was a special sweet soup with little flowers, rice and dessert balls filled with black sesame. After dinner, the Gurkha took us to Regent Heights in Causeway Bay, our place of residence for our stay in Hong Kong.