It’s been an interesting couple of days abroad….
Yesterday we went down to catch the Turbojet from Hong Kong to Macau as arranged by uncle X in Superclass, which I guess is first class… We jumped aboard and were promptly seated and then presented with a light meal (a benefit of superclass) and 50 minutes later we were arriving in Macau. After a longer than expected wait with immigration, we were all through and went to meet some contacts to drive us over to our hotel.

We were dropped off out the front of the MGM Grand Macau, which had only been opened about a month ago. It was pretty nice; full of fancy art and sculputures… We got into the rooms, which were quite impressive. I was staying with Anna, my sister and we had a double bed each with a plasma on the wall. The bathroom had a nice bath, two basins and a shower which had a head in the roof as well. In addition to that was a glass wall along the bathroom with a curtain on an electric track to open and close the curtain… It was a little awkward having to share the room with my sister; things were a little tense between