One Day in Mong Kok

Today I got out to Mong Kok, one of the most densely populated areas of Hong Kong. There’s a long street here called ‘Fa Yuen Gai’ which literally means Garden street, but I think people refer to it as ladies street… This street is pretty well known for the wares that they sell as they’re cheap, and mostly fake, if not all fake…
In my wanderings up and down here I picked up a royal print flip wallet, a Bathing Ape Baby Milo Tee, a belt with 2 buckles: an Autobot Symbol and an Ace of Spades, and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars for Heidi,which was one of my main reasons for getting down there. Whilst in the area I also wandered around the ‘sports shoe district’ which has tonnes of sports shoe shops. I picked up a pair of Pumas from here, I think they’re probably womens shoes, but if the shoe fits (and isn’t too obviously female) then why not hey??

To get me going for all that shopping I stopped in at McDonalds for a meal, picking up a double cheeseburger, yep they have burgers at Maccas in Hong Kong too, but they also have additional “asianised” food items as well, but I didn’t take too much note of what… I did take note of a kerfuffle that broke out whilst I was in there though… I was sitting there enjoying my meal when some guy wanders in and throws a magazine at this table to my right, knocking most of the food off of it into a family on the next table. He starts yelling at this woman who’s been playing Nintendo DS for the whole time I’ve been there, and she responds by yelling back before he scares off the patrons on the table to my left and pulls up a chair there. Then a group of store attendants and security guards from Broadway (A big electronic goods chain in Hong Kong) next door run in and confront him about smoking in the store… He then gets up to leave and these Broadway guys won’t let him, I’m pretty sure they were on their radios trying to get a hold of some police or something to that effect, and then things flare up; I was expecting to see some punches fly, but it just ended up as a big hype fight, kind of like the ones you see in high school where it’s all talk and each person involved is asking questions like “You wanna fight me?” over and over again…. This anti-climactic “fight” settled down to the smoking guy sitting down again and trying to light a cigarette to the nagging of this woman who was playing her Nintendo DS telling him not to smoke in there and that they should go. That was pretty funny and un-expected, however it didn’t surprise me as much as it did this American couple…

They were sitting across the way from me; at first it was just a blonde woman, and she just looked astonished, but then as things progressed a guy, her fiance, turned up. As I was leaving I ventured past and let them know what was happening, which they were surprised that it was over something so trivial. It turns out they’d only just come over from Sydney the day before, but not understanding the language made it a little more difficult for them… I gave em some travel tips before venturing off on my way…

After getting back to Causeway Bay for a short time, it was off out again, this time to visit one of Dad’s auntie’s who was in Hospital. Inside the hospitals over in Hong Kong they encourage you to wear a mask whilst inside the wards, which felt pretty uncomfortable. Dad’s auntie was bedridden and her two daughters we in there looking after her. One of them left pretty soon after we arrived, but the other joined us for dinner, along with one of my cousins – Bonnie, whom I haven’t seen in at least 10 years… She a bit different from the last time I saw her, but then when we got to talking it was pretty interesting how we’d travelled on similar job paths, like she’d worked through a call centre for a couple of years before leaving to work for Colliers. She’s getting married in December, and I think we’re planning to come back to Hong Kong for it, which will be nice.


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