This morning we got up, jumped the MTR to Central and then up onto the Star Ferry to meet Dad’s third auntie (?) for lunch. From there, we caught the Star Ferry across the Harbour to Tsim Sha Tsui to go to a little restaurant for a semi-buffet lunch. They had this deal where you pay $35HKD and you get a main course as well as Soup, Salad and Dessert bar, otherwise you could pay $25HKD for just the buffet side of things. It was a pretty good meal all up, although the salad part of the bar was a let-down, not-so-fresh vegetables and mediocre salads, come to think of it, all the fresh stuff just wasn’t, like the fruit at the dessert bar. Dad’s auntie was an eating machine!! She ate sooo much, probably about as much as 2 or 3 of us!!

After an afternoon wander and relax, we had to get it all together again to venture out to the suburbs and then some to have diner with Mum’s old classmates. I think it took us almost 2 hours to get there… we had to catch the MTR from Causeway Bay out to Kowloon, and then from there get on the super super packed Light Rail before having to catch the Siu Ba aka Little Bus to go from the station to this restaurant which was just opposite a couple of their apartments.
Now Mum’s old school friends were all from China and are pretty rowdy… before I even got to my seat they offered me a glass of Johnny Walker, to which my mum declined on my behalf (thanks Mum……), but I did get some strange asian beer, no idea what it was…. As the food came it slowly became obvious that I was to be the designated “trash can” for the night as I managed to be fed three times more prawns than anyone else, and so on and so forth….
As the meal came to a close, Mum thought it a good idea to offer around some of the 2 boxes of chocolates we’d brought along. As we opened the first box, we found a nice little surprise: a maggot crawling around on the lid, who’d hitched a ride, quite possibly from Australia… After disposing of this little critter, Mum still wanted to serve these chocolates (ewwww) until I alerted her to the fact that you could actually see some of the damage done by said vermin as holes in the chocolates… The second box of Lindt balls was acceptable with no hitch-hikers what-so-ever. Luckily these boxes were opened under the table and not in front of everyone….