Catch up

Around lunchtime today we caught up with Romy and Roger, a couple that lived in Canberra whilst studying at uni about 14 years ago… We had lunch at an italian restaurant in Times Square. Everyone had the buffet salad & dessert bar and a main course, but I went with just the pizza, which was very tasty. Roger had recently been treking around Nepal, so we got to see his photos from that. After lunch, we wandered around Times Square to see if we could buy a Digital SLR for Anna, who had only seemed to decide that she wanted one just before coming to Hong Kong, and had only made minimal research into the options available…

I spent the rest of my afternoon wandering around the shops, looking to finalise my Hong Kong shopping list… I’d done enough of the large malls and department stores, where every other shop is the same as the mall down the road, so I decided to continue my exploration of Hong Kong in the little malls with unique little shops spatter throughout.

I’m not sure if it’s just Chinese tradition or if it’s worldwide, but the night before the wedding both the bride and groom have dinner with their extended families, so it was off to Tsim Sha Tsui for an(other) eating session. Prior to arriving, Anna and I went to pick up her outfits for the wedding. When we had picked up the dresses, we MTR’d over and then proceeded to try and find this elusive restaurant… After numerous phone calls we finally found the building it was in, and went upstairs to what we thought was the place. After asking the girls at the front where our relatives were sitting they told us that they weren’t there which we didn’t really understand… It finally clicked that we should ask the name of the restaurant, which turned out to be the wrong one… Eventually my auntie came and found us… Dinner was a fairly standard affair with the standard assortment of traditional Chinese we’d eaten for the most part of our time in Hong Kong.

After dinner there was still a little time to hit the shops, so I ventured back to some of the little shops in the tiny malls I’d run around in the afternoon to finalise payment and pick up a pair of Evisu Shoos that had caught my eye. I thought they were pretty cool, although something that is very non-standard in my shoe collection…


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