I’m on the plane on the way home from Hong Kong now…

Today we went to church at Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church to hear the last in the series on Revelation being preached by Dr Lindsay Robertson. A nice end to the series.

After Church we went back to Regent Heights to pack up and ship out. Things got a little tense as the pressure to get everything packed in a short time frame kicked in, but we got it all done eventually and then caught the airport shuttle to Hong Kong station which has a check-in area. We checked our luggage in and found out that our 8:25pm plane had been delayed till 10pm.

Next up was a wander over to the star ferry terminal to catch the ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui to meet Uncle Man Yuen and Auntie Ruby for Yum Cha lunch. Get a fair bit into my belly as it was a fair trek over, especially with my carry-on luggage on my back and mum’s hand-carry in my hand.

Post lunch we went to Peter & Ivy Chow’s place to see them before we went home. We went down to the clubhouse there and had an afternoon tea. I shared a ham & cheese toastie with Anna, and had a warm Honey & Lime… very unusual drink, not recommended….

After being dropped off at Kowloon Station, we caught the MTR airport link to the airport. This is a pretty nice modern train that shoots through several key stations along the MTR network to transport people to and from the Airport. Because the flight had been delayed, Qantas gave each of us a meal voucher to the value of HKD$90, so we went off and had some dinner at a little Chinese restaurant… Then it was off to the boarding gate to wait to jump on the plane… Being seated in a fairly forward row, I had to wait a fair while to get on board. The rest of the family were seated a bit further back, so as I waited my Uncle Young Man, Auntie Elissa and my cousins Alvina and Benita turned up, still with 1 meal voucher to use, so Starbucks had a few orders which had to be wolfed down before jumping aboard the plane.