I’ve done some investigating on Ironman as previously mentioned in IRONMAN about the origin of Ironman and how true to the original origins the latest movie was…

It turns out that Ironman first appeared in a comic called Tales of Suspense #39, which was published on March 10, 1963. The story of Ironman’s origin plays similarly to that of the movie, however it is not without its differences; the comic shows Anthony Stark helping the army to fight the Red Guerillas in South Vietnam, against a tyrant known as Wong-Chu, with the use of tiny transistors used to amplify the effect of weapons. Whilst Tony Stark is wandering the jungles, he trips a trap in the jungle, which surrounds his heart with shrapnel which moves towards his heart. When it reaches his heart, he dies… Wong-Chu offers Stark surgery after he builds some weapons for his personal use, although the surgery is not possible… As Stark builds his mighty weapon (the Iron Suit) Wong-Chu throws an old physicist into the mix, Professor Yinsen, who had written books read by Stark whilst he was in college, who eventually dies whilst buying time for The Iron Man to power up.

One of the major differences between the movie and the comic is that The Iron Man suit that is built is actually built as a mechanism to sustain Anthony Stark after the shrapnel reaches his heart and is therefore trapped in the suit, at least that is the impression given at the end of this book. And he doesn’t get rescued, he wanders off alone into the wilderness of Vietnam….