Do you use RSS?? Do you even know what it is?? Putting it simply, it is a Web Feed which contains either a summary of content, or the full text….

As a user of a site that has RSS, all you need to do is add it to an RSS Reader and you’re off and reading…. Now most people will use their web browser as their reader because that’s the default and most convenient when clicking the feed subscription… The problem here is that if you move computers, then you’re going to have separate RSS feeds with different information read, essentially doubling up on posts. Especially frustrating if you don’t use a certain computer for a fair period….

The solution I use is a web-based reader, meaning that I can login to it from any computer and it’s tracked what’s been read and what hasn’t yet. My reader of choice is Newsgator. It’s free and lets you group feeds into folders, highly recommended, not that I’ve tried too many, but free and working is all you need right??