The Mighty Kites were conquered for a second time this season being beaten by Crusaders – 23 to 32. Again the experienced players took the week off leaving the young guns team to fend for ourselves. In a gripping first half, there wasn’t too many plays leading to scores, although we did break out to an early lead. This was not to continue…. As the game went on Crusaders started to read our style of play, which was the same and not especially varied throughout the whole game… They applied pressure at the right points and were rewarded, which is definitely something they deserved, unfortunately for us.

I couldn’t pick any standout players for this week, everyone seemed a bit lukewarm, although seeing Nima almost dunk was pretty good… Scoring wise, I only put 1 on the board, making one free throw from the line after driving through a fairly open zoned key, which closed quickly, to get clocked across the forehead . This brings my season points to 5, an average of 1 point per game played and 83% for the competition thus far.

Again, I’m looking to work on several things this week, offensively I’m not getting the ball, so I’ll have to have a look at how to go about getting it and getting my team-mates to get it to me. When I did have the ball in an offensive situation, I locked up and didn’t do too much with it, or my lacking in skills stumbled me up. My 1 three-point attempt failed miserably as well, not even making it to the ring, so there’s another item to hit the training list.