The game tonight was a tough affair between The Mighty Kites and flashbacks. Both teams seemed to have their equal mix of young and old blood, and it proved to be a good balance for the entire game.

From the out-set, Flashbacks seemed to have the upper hand, just jumping on the ball straight away and laying the pressure down, making steals, playing really tight on defense and running fast breaks with at least 2 on 1, if not 4 on 2… This proved a difficult hurdle to bound over for The Kites as Flashbacks gained a fairly strong foothold in the points table. After some strong efforts in both offense and defense, we managed to claw back within several points and alter our game to match theirs. By half time, the scores were pretty much level, making for a great and exciting second half.

The second half was exciting with the lead flipping between the 2 teams… Both teams putting up a great fight to hold the other off… Flashbacks in the end seemed too eager to keep the lead, slowing the ball up on the way down the court and hastily throwing up 3-pointers, which only dropped a couple of times, if any…. and down the defensive end fouled a little much, especially on the drive… Final score was 31-34 thanks to John being fouled technically in the dying minutes of the game.

My performance tonight was mediocre… Still not enough confidence with the ball and less opportunities with the ball forces less confidence to go and get it, a big catch 22… Offensively I was forced, in a sense, to move through the key, although my team-mates didn’t take too much advantage of the movement. This put me in a difficult position for defense, which is definitely my strong game, by leaving me down low and furthest away from our defensive half. I think I coped well in my defensive efforts, holding the ball at bay on the outer rims of the 3 point line and preventing the shot from being launched often enough, plus putting enough pressure down when the shot does go to reduce focus and accuracy. I even managed to avoid a number of screens from solid players. No points tonight unfortunately, which drops my season game average below 1. I did throw a great 3 point airball, but I managed to grab an offensive rebound and put that up inside the key, although it didn’t drop and no one fouled me, such a shame…

The team really lacked in running the court on the offense after a defensive rebound, and also on the opposition scoring. It seems like everyone wants to play guard, and this means that the opposition are able to set their zone in place easily. We need to be pushing for more breaks and not keeping the ball to ourselves. For instance, when looking at the score-sheet post game, 3 players numbers were obviously dominant as our teams scorers… I’m not sure how we’ll go about it, but it definitely needs to happen and soon. Defensively I think we were alright, although it is still very passive, waiting for the ball to come to the hole before reacting, rather than attacking the offense, which would be a good tactic to throw against any opposition as a form of surprise.

Next week sees us up against Team Beerfest at 8pm. Come down and cheer us on, we’d love to see you there!!!