Jamie Lidell - JIM

  1. Another Day
  2. Wait For Me
  3. Out of My System
  4. All I Wanna Do
  5. Little Bit of Feel Good
  6. Figured Me Out
  7. Hurricane
  8. Green Light
  9. Where D’You Go?
  10. Rope of Sand

Having just picked this Album for a friend; Julie, she allowed me the pleasure of having a quick listen and review before giving it to her, so here we go!!

It all begins with the great little number Another Day which is reminiscent of a Gospel track surprisingly fused with the Sesame Street theme song….
Wait For Me combines some great vocals with some awesome instrumentals including a nice little diddy on the piano…
Out Of My System brings back a great Oldskool Funk feel, especially with the little guitar rifts around the chorus….
Jamie changes gears yet again with All I Wanna Do dropping it back to an acoustic rhythm and bluesy track, with some haunting backing vocals, still giving a church choir feel…..
Little Bit of Feel Good starts to bring the vibe back up with that olde funk feeling again…. Strong vocals and nice guitars make this track!!!
Jamiroquai-esk with a twisted turn is the only way I can describe Figured Me Out which consists of punchy vocals supported by some cool synths, twisted, tweaked and filtered to goodness.
Hurricane feels just like that with it’s rocky guitar rifts and underlying rhythms and harmonies…. The breakdown pushes the hurricane effect even further and ventures into what feels like an eye at times: eerily calm.
Following on from the calm after the hurricane is Green Light which has a nice 60s loungey sound…..
Where D’You Go sounds a bit dangerous with the piano rhythms sounding off, but turning out quirky and fun in the end, although ending a little abruptly….
The final song on the album is Rope of Sand: a hauntingly beautiful track combining an acoustic guitar with warm melodies and seemingly vulnerable vocals.

Having never heard much of Lidell, I was pleasantly surprised with his offering, great feel to the album which soared all over the place like a roller-coaster, but still kept you pinned to the seat for the entire journey, a great listen indeed.