A little while ago, back when our church service had a little publication called 7fifteen, there was a snapshot posed to a number of people. Now I was one of said people, however the publication was shortly disbanded after that and my answers never made it to press, so in light of that I thought that it’d be nice to publish them. So here we go!!

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Samuel T’ien-Ts’ung Law (That’s right, I have 2 apostrophe’s and a hyphen!!)

  3. That do you do during the week?
  4. During the week I work as a Business Banking Assistant with nabproperty which is a section of NAB that looks after corporate companies that have something to do with property development. At the weekend I’m generally out dancing at clubs or at Krosswerdz which is a Hip-Hop church

  5. How long have you been at 7:15?
  6. I’ve been at 7:15 for 5 years, 6 months. I rocked up just after the New Year in 2003, not knowing anyone, and have been there since.

  7. Why did you start coming and why have you stayed?
  8. I came because St Paul’s came highly commended when enquiring about churches in the area & I didn’t feel asian enough to stay at my parents church.
    I stayed because of the solid teaching, opportunities to serve, friendships & a girl, but I don’t think she knew it.

  9. What’s your 5 year plan? (what do you want to do/hope to have done?)
  10. In 5 years I hope to be a bit more settled. I’ll be 33, so marriage would be great between now and then, God-willing, but I need to find a girl for that.
    I can’t really say I have a plan mapped out, I’m happy to do whatever God wants me to do. A greater knowledge & understanding of the Bible is definitely something to aim for in that time.

  11. What can people be praying for?
  12. Pray for people involved with dance music: For those that don’t know God, that he will reveal himself to them. For those that do know God, that they will take every opportunity to build relationships & share the Gospel with those they meet & also that they will not fall into temptation.

  13. When are times you find it hardest to be different & Christ-like during the week amongst non-Christians?
  14. I always find it hard amongst non-Christians, Thank God that he’s sent the Holy Spirit to help me to hold myself back from millions of opportunities for sin including: sex, drugs & alcohol. Most of the times I’ve been tempted it’s been like I’m hardwired to not go any further.

  15. What advice might you give to a younger Christian about to start doing what you’re doing ? (i.e. if you’re a uni student, advice to school leavers. If you’re a full time worker, advice to uni-leavers, if you’re a parent, advice to expectants, marriage advice to engaged couples etc.)
  16. Making the transition from Tertiary studies to Work was fairly difficult for me. It took me a fair while to land a full-time job, and I had to go through such helpful schemes as Work for the Dole and employment assistance.
    My advice is to rely on God always, keep praying that he will grant you with a position that benefits you and fits in with his plans. Trust that he will provide for you during that time and beyond as well.
    When you do finally land a job, stand firm in your faith, you may find that colleagues are fairly crude and potentially un-accepting of your faith.
    Be “in the world, but not of it”.
    Reduce your social activities to quality over quantity, because full-time work is very very draining.
    Get into a good habit of budgeting, I encourage you to setup a good giving habit as well. My personal budget is based on percentages – so my giving increases as my pay increases as I’ve been progressing as well.