Round 09 – Mighty Kites vs Xtreme

The latest from Fred Caterson Reserve’s basketball courts is that The Mighty Kites lost to Xtreme in a low scoring game; 14 vs 25. I could blame the loss on our lack of powerhouse players like Nima, WuDan and James Moore, but then that would imply that the rest of the team just isn’t that, a TEAM. Not having players is definitely a factor in our loss last night, but one that can be overcome, fairly easily, and we had some great effort in doing so. It just wasn’t enough…

We had plenty of scoring opportunities and quite a few breaks, but our shots just weren’t dropping into the hole. The basket being off-centre was also very off-putting… I didn’t make any of my 6 free throws at all, and my drives which resulted in said trips to the line didn’t drop in. Defensively we did quite well, putting a fair amount of pressure on ball carriers, and keeping a fairly tight zone so they had to work for open shots, although we didn’t have coverage of their whole team, which lead to an open player a fair bit of the time. The final quarter of the game just became messy with Xtreme using plenty of time wasting techniques and other un-sportsman like tactics to slow the game down and frustrate our team, like yelling when shots went up; a low and unnecessary maneuver for anyone really…

With the weather returning to something other than pouring rain, it’s time to hit the courts for some practice again with some dribbling drills and 3 point shots in preparation for our next game against Mightnight Gamblers at 9:30pm next week. Drop in and cheer us on!!


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