Last night I went along to see this enjoyable theatrical production, which they class as a Song Cycle. The premise of the production is a showing of the magical beginning and less respectable ending to relationships. There is a cast of four plus the composer/pianist on the stage who cycle through 2 acts of song, the first being the beginnings and the second the endings.

The stories that run throughout vary in intricacies, time frames and seriousness and were all fairly well written. The singing is fantastic, conjuring up visions of joy, love, happiness, remorse, regret, and numerous emotions. The cast does very well, albeit some stage directions detracting from the singer at times. I was impressed with them all, but especially the girls; Octavia Barron-Martin and Sarah Croser (whom incidentally is dating a friend whom I went to High School with) and their impressive vocal ranges.

There is a fair bit of language spattered throughout the production as well as topics such as gay relationships and marriage, which is contrary to what I believe in, but we are to live in the world, but not of it.

The season ends on Saturday night, so if you want to see it, definitely need to take action soon. Bookings through the Seymour Theatre with a standard ticket setting you back $39+bf.