Last night the Mighty Kites went up against And Far Away in a very enjoyable match where Mighty Kites came out victorious: 34 – 14.

Again we were down Nima and WuDan, however we seemed to play a very different game to last week against Bruins, full of movement and teamwork. From the word ‘jump’ we were scoring points with the tip from Geoff going straight to James Moore for an easy 2 point basket. The remainder of the game flowed in much the same manner, however not quite as smoothly and easily as anticipated…

And Far Away aren’t a particularly skillful team, but they sure have plenty of heart and hussle. Being a team of older guys, quite a few with adolescent kids, does make it tough when playing against the majority of teams in our competition, so I do applaud and appreciate their team. They’ve definitely made an improvement since we last played them early on in the competition. I was quite surprised at their ability to muddle up our zone defense, generally managing to get a player into the key most of the time they were attacking, as well as their ability to just grab the ball and force a ‘jump’ (which is no longer a jump-ball, but an alternating possession).

The start of the second half was the booster for our victory with one of their players fouling out with 5 fouls just after the start of the half, closely followed by one of his companions meaning that we were up against a four man team with our 8 man strong lineup. We took advantage quite quickly managing to push plenty of fast breaks to wear them down as well as applying plenty of defensive pressure forcing numerous turnovers in double dribbles, travels and steals. Can’t say that anyone in particular stood out this week, as we just played well as a team, moving the ball around fairly regularly, which was great.

I was able to put up a personal best score of 7 points this week, mostly on the break. Things to work on include confidence to shoot under pressure and guard, especially from downtown, lay-ups and taking charges. Next week we are on a bye, working out perfectly for a social work function at Teppanyaki in North Sydney before jetting down to Canberra to see the Boys.