Last night we went up against Crusaders and came down with a narrow loss: 20 – 21.

The team was down a few players this week again with John, Arthur, Hamish and WuDan out, but Nima was back after his time out due to injury & sickness.

The first half started out fairly well with plenty of to and fro between the two teams, plenty of opportunities to score, although not many manifesting themselves. Halfway through the half, one of their players went down and rolled his ankle, which wasn’t pleasant. It was good to see the great sportsmanship as both teams stopped to help him out.

The second half was a much slower scoring affair, albeit a faster pace as the urgency to breakaway with a formidable score was eminent… We got away with quite a number of fast breaks, however the majority of those lacked accuracy or were foiled, and we seemed to want to slow the game down and ‘waste’ time, which seemed to come back and haunt us in the end with our oh so narrow loss. It was a frustrating loss as well, since we’d held the lead for the majority of the game, only to see them level back up and then sneak away with one point. Then, the last couple of minutes were spent standing around since one of their players came down on his knee at our scoring end, voiding our opportunity to sink an equalizing or winning basket.

My personal game was riddled with rubbish and frustration. Of the shots that I managed to get away, maybe six or so, a couple were very close but none of them sunk, and my teammates seemed to discourage me from either taking shots or even come close to it. One particularly memorable/forgettable play I was finally passed the ball on the left side of the key with plenty of room to move and a fairly disorganized defense, so naturally I went in for a drive only to hear loud shouts from my team-mates of “NO!!!!” repeatedly….. I’m pretty sure this ended in a turnover. Time and time again I have been given negative feedback from members of the team of offensive manouvres that I’ve made, only to see them make the same ones and quite frankly I’m pretty tired of it!!!
Defensively, which is the strongest area of my game, I get held back and offensively I don’t get the opportunity to develop, but if I weren’t to play i’m fairly certain that things would fall apart. I seem to have assumed the roll of a supporting crutch. When I think about it too much (as I’m doing now) it seems that this reflects a fair bit of reality…. But I digress…

Next week sees the team up against Flashbacks, who currently sit as ladder leaders, but were narrowly beaten by us in the last encounter 34-31 at 7:15. Come down and support us!!