I’m often thought of as being a Sound Man, more often the audio kind than the stable kind, but I hope that it does resonate through both.
As much fun as it can be, and most of the time it is, I find that it can be hard to say no, or respond in the negative. Often I’ll find myself saying yes when really I mean no, and then end up grumbling under my breath, behind someone’s back, or worst of all, snapping at the person(s) involved. The worst of these is generally when the requests are unreasonable, or very very last minute.

The gains involved however are mostly positive…
Being able to serve people with the gifts God has given me is a great gain, I mean what more reason do you need than this?? Being only human, there’s a few other good things that have come out;

  • Friendships with other Sound Men; there’s a certain innate level of understanding between us, some pick it up better than others, but each one has it, guess we’ve developed an ear for it…
  • Public Acknowledgement; a tough one to handle, quite frankly, it makes people aware, well, perhaps more aware of the job that is being done, but also exposes you to more work or opportunities.
  • Gifts; Possibly my favourite one, being a bit materialistic, most often comes in the form of food, usually dark and sweet, but I’ve had gift vouchers and other little momentos before as well…
  • Personal satisfaction; A great one if it can be achieved… In my experience it’s only come along a couple of times when that unreasonable or difficult job came along…. I may have grumbled a fair way through it, but in the end things came out well and I’d managed to amplify my knowledge as a bonus

This week being O-Week across St Paul’s Group of Churches, I have been called upon for 4 events so far, the major one being the consultant and operator for the pinnacle night – 9th August 2008, which sees Peter Jensen address the question of “Can God Really Be Known??” down at The Kings School inside Futter Hall from 7pm. These experiences can be quite entertaining, being able to wander into a foreign venue, plug-in, set-up and run sound…. I’ve had the same privilege of doing so for several events, mainly weddings. I’m not sure what to expect for Saturday night, but it should be enjoyable, hopefully with a couple of challenges to overcome!! So far all I know is that I’ll need at least 2 microphones, possibly 3; one for the Archbishop, one for questions to be asked from the floor, and then possibly another general purpose mic for mc and bible reading. Throw in a big band, which I doubt will need much, if anything, possibly some vocalists and that’s about it!!