On Sunday I participated for the second time in the Annual Sun Herald City2Surf.

I had a couple of goals:

  • run continuously (also known as samuels) for the whole race
  • better my time from last year which was 83:49 placing me at 10831st
  • crack 75:00 to put me into the front runners group for next year

The official results were in the paper this morning, I clocked in at 66:01, which put me at 5133rd, a better time than I’d previously thought!!! This also achieved all 3 of my goals that’d been set!!

The remainder of the morning and afternoon was spent finding friends, and hanging out with them eating and drinking before making my way home to clean up before Church.

Did you participate?? If so, how did you go?? If not, why not look at doing it next year!!!