Tonight The Mighty Kites went up against Flashbacks, losing by 8 points in a tight game which saw Flashbacks pull away to retain the lead, despite their lack of subs and us almost at full strength, only lacking James Moore.

Prior to the game starting, we forfeited 4 points on account of court fees not being paid. The rate was 2 points per minute, that was rather unfortunate and definitely something easily avoidable. As the match finally got underway it was clear that it would be a difficult and slow game. Points were hard to come by with each teams zone setup particularly well and defensive rebounds coming down constantly making the drive tough and the second chance near impossible, respectfully. Their number 34 was the main contributor from outside the perimeter, dropping in the majority of their points in the first half. By half time the scores weren’t too bad at 14 v 12 in Flashbacks favour.

The second half was another low scoring affair quite similar to the first, with the addition of a few fast breaks and some somewhat stronger defense. We weren’t able to cover off enough to stop the shots from going in however.

Again I was left with a scoreless game despite 1 shot and 1 drive which took me to the line for 2 free-throws, as well as being up the court for most defensive rebounds. I’m starting to doubt, or at least be unsatisfied with my role in this team… I mean I can run all night long up and down the court and still have enough energy to go some more, and that’s being limited by lack of vision, or perhaps some selfish play. My defensive skills are some of the best in the team, yet I’m still told that I should cover this, that and the next player all at the same time, yet not stretch too far out because then some one will have to cover me and where I was. So there’s definitely a few things that need to be addressed in terms of my role in the team as I’m sure that if these things continue on I’ll become even more jaded than I currently am and that’s not why we play.

Next week we’re on the early shift again at 7:15 against Team Beerfest.