As you may or may not be aware, I’m a keen volunteer with BusinessChicks; a charity organisation that raise monies for Kids Helpline by running different events for women to network. I first found out about it through work’s volunteer program and went along just as something kind of funny and trivial, but I’ve grown to really like getting along and helping the women out and I suppose I’ve developed a special role amongst the volunteers, being the token guy and also a, and in this month’s breakfast THE, photographer.

BusinessChicks breakfasts run 4 times a year, each with some sort of Kids Helpline plug or speech, a speaker that gives inspirational speeches in their field, and is hosted by TEN News anchor Natasha Belling at the Westin Hotel in Martin Place.

This month the guest speaker was Rachel Ward. It was very interesting to hear her speak on her journeys and experiences as an actress, mother, writer and director, wife of Bryan Brown and mentor to troubles teenagers.