I was a little tired of the same old wedding cards and having to throw money around to purchase something that was a bit cliche… So about 2 months ago with the ensuing wedding of Tracy Singh-Key and Chris Tate, I decided that I would endeavor to make my own card for them after purchasing a gift on their bridal gift registry; registries being a very convenient, yet slightly impersonal service….

So I set out to think about what kind of card would be nice, sentimental and stand out, and I came up with Pop-up Card!! I had previously envisioned a grand card, possibly with a chapel and various other wedding paraphernalia, but since I only got around to researching and making the card mid last week, this is all I could come up with. It does link in quite well with my written message though, something along the lines of their relationship and marriage blossoming. Here’s a picture of the final product.

Cardstruction 004

More images available at my Flickr Page.