I got along to the wedding of Tracy Singh-Key and Christopher Tate. They got married at St Matthias church in Paddington. It was a lovely ceremony and it was good to finally see them married. Especially nice touch was seeing young Josh Warren getting up to say a prayer towards the start of the ceremony, and some bagpipes come out during Amazing Grace.

Chris & Tracy Ceremony 013

More photos from the wedding on my Flickr page.

The reception was held at The Tea Room in at Queen Victoria Building. A lovely venue, albeit a tad dark. I was in charge of music with a number of pre-selected CDs for the night, so I was in and out between the hall and the service passage to press stop and play, and control the levels… They got their wedding dance in, which was nice, not as intimate and impressive as Shaun and Amy’s, but they looked like they enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

Tracy and Chris first met in our bible study several years ago, a workers group led by Michael and Christina Dodd. It was said that they seemed to hit it off from the very start, pretty much right after they met.

I can remember seeing them after their first date (unofficial) at a Meadowbank pub trivia night one Wednesday. Tracy had invited Chris and I to go along to the trivia night, what I didn’t know was that somewhere along the way they’d arranged to have dinner beforehand in Concord. Now trivia wasn’t due to start until about 7:30pm, but I received a phone call about 6pm asking where I was. It was Chris telling me that the two of them were in Concord waiting for me for dinner, to which I replied that I didn’t know that we were going to have dinner before trivia as I wasn’t told, whether on purpose or accidentally, I’ll let you decide….