Last night in an enthralling and enjoyable game The Mighty Kites soared to victory over Team Beerfest: 58 to 38. It was a welcome win after some turbulent times of close losses of late.

The team was near full-strength at 7 players missing James, Arthur and Garth who was out with a small injury and covered the bench for us. As the game got under way both teams matched up and sussed out what the other would be doing before settling in to play. They pulled into a man-to-man defense, which has been quite rarely played by any team this season, a welcome change. The trouble with this sort of defense is that the match-ups have to be very good and strong and it can tend to lead to a fair amount of open holes. I love playing off the ball with this defensive play as an agile player I can normally out run and fake off my defender, or lead them in a way that cuts up their team-mates, freeing up one of my own. If the offensive team does not move around though, then the defense can be quite effective, but that is the case with any defense. Offensively they ran well, leading off on a number of fast breaks and setting their offensive to shoot from the outside a fair bit, though perhaps a bit eager at times. Once we’d seen how they were to play, we went about putting appropriate stops in place, applying pressure and mounting our own offensive run, putting us in the lead at half time by about 20 points.
After an inspirational debrief by Coach Garth the second half kicked off to a fair display of catch-up by Team Beerfest putting 10-15 points on the board in an effort to gain the lead. They ran a number of fast breaks which weren’t covered off and outside shooters were given plenty of opportunity and time to place shots. This was the exact opposite to what Garth had specified in the half-time debrief. After a time-out call, I tagged back in and there were only a limited number of fast breaks for the rest of the match.

I was much happier with this week than the last few, as you can probably tell, all in all I sunk 1 layup which was a fairly nice baseline drive, missed another 2 or 3 and put through numerous passes resulting in baskets.

Next week we’re on against Xtremes at 8:00pm, stop saying or thinking about coming down and just do it!!!