Continuing on our winning streak tonight we took down the Midnight Gamblers 30 to 23, the third time we beat them out of 3 games. We were a little short-staffed again with Nima, Jon, Hamish, Josh and Arthur out. The game itself was a bit messy with plenty of turnovers and missed shots all night long. Geoff sat out for a quarter after coping a head to the nose.

Personal game-play felt bad, defense was there with one steal leading to a one man break that resulted in a missed lay-up. Offense is generally hard when you’re small like me, team-mates calling you not to go in makes it even tougher. I did like one drive right up the middle of the key with a no look rocket pass out to my right, however no on had moved with me to take it, so of went out. Quite frankly I’m getting real sick of this supportive player role. I’m there drawing players running on the breaks but never getting a thing. Hope summer comp goes a bit better….

Next week is the end of regularly scheduled matches with us up against power-house Bruins at 9:30pm. If we win against them then we should keep our current 3rd place slot, if not we may drop back down to 4th. Come on down and see us struggle through the game.