Semi Finals – Mighty Kites vs Bruins

After a better than anticipated season seeing the Mighty Kites come in at number 3 on the ladder, it was finals time and we were matched up against number 2: Bruins for the second week in a row. Since we’d played them the week before, we knew what to expect, but then they also knew what to expect of us. The game got underway to a tight start with Bruins locking down the key in a strong zone, disallowing ball movement from our team. There was a lot of effort required to get a shot up and when one finally got up, it generally didn’t drop through to score, this was the case for the night for both teams resulting in a low scoring game. It also didn’t help that the referees seemed to be watching an entirely different match, calling plenty of fouls against both teams and frustrating all players with them, although some more than others…
At the break neither team looked too good, having not sunk many shots or doing anything with the numerous fast breaks. The second half saw what seemed to be an even poorer game. Our zone defense seemed to turn into a baseball diamond with an extra guard floating about; it was a fluke for them not to score more points. We got up to about 10 team fouls for stupid ones that weren’t necessary, leaving no room for “required” fouls and referee discretion. 8 team fouls is the magic number to send the other team to the line for 2 penalty shots per foul. The final point of the game was scored in this fashion after a foul at our offensive end of the court sent them to the line with about 30 seconds to go, final score being Bruins – 25, Mighty Kites – 21. Putting us out of the grand final by a measly 5 points…

On a personal game note I didn’t perform badly, yet I didn’t perform well… No baskets scored and I don’t thing any attempts either, any drives that I took ended up in passes which were either turned over or received and wasted… Defense, as always, was stronger, covering the ball early on and moving with it around the perimeter… I took on those looking to drive most of the time, however they usually managed to get around me due to their stature. I was a bit timid on calling for substitutions when I thought they were needed, thinking that passion, aggregation and/or ability were reasons to keep players on, and respective players should have taken themselves off when they thought they needed it. As a result I had little chance to exercise which was disappointing, there’s always next season though, which evidently starts around school holidays; whenever they are…..

For the supporters of the Mighty Kites, thank you!!! Especially to the ones that made it to a game (or two). Hope there will be a bigger contingent for the summer competition…


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