Tonight at Bible study we had a prayer night, which we’ve not done this year, although I think it was to be in the agenda, just overlooked…
As we were going through prayer points of poverty stricken Christians in countries, like Tanzania and Iran, I found it quite disturbing and sad at how people in my group seemed so trivial about it all, cracking jokes and making fun of the poverty and lack of simple resources that we in rich countries take so much for granted.

For example, a Church in Tanzania had sought out a block of land and built their own church with mud bricks. When a CMS guy: John Thew visited, they asked for his help in obtaining a tin roof for the church. Upon returning to Australia, John was able to organise funding for half the roof through a donation, yet the group seemed to scoff at how they’d had half a roof as if it was some small feat….

It makes me sad and angry that they see things this way and pray that they, and everyone, indeed would be more sincere and empathetic to those less fortunate, and those in different situations to themselves.

image from Flickr by Wiedmaier