The first week of the summer competition fired up tonight with The Mighty Kites shooting out against Midnight Gamblers.
Our lineup hasn’t changed too much, players from last season that are still on the roster are Geoff, John, Nima, James, Garth, Josh and myself, WuDan, Hamish and Arthur have bowed out, but we’ve picked up Gareth, Ethan, and possibly Caleb

The game got underway with Nima winning the tip, sending the ball to Garth then to James for the two point opening basket. Defense was fairly solid and Midnight Gamblers weren’t particularly successful in shooting, so by about halfway through the first half we’d run out to a 15-0 lead. There were plenty of turnovers as well from both teams that attributed to the fairly low scoring affair, as the refs seemed to see more than was there a lot of the time.
As the second half began, things seemed to go out the window, shots missed, lazy defense and plenty of fast breaks… Somehow Midnight Gamblers had caught up to us and it was a 2 point ball game… Within the dying minutes of the game, our team played the time wasting game as we’d secured a 1 point lead, and you know how I feel about this (lack of) game…

Personally I think I played fairly well, scored a couple of points, took a few drives and a fast break. I liked a nice 1-2 play that I had with James as I moved through a fairly open key, and I’m feeling more comfortable about giving the ball up to players to score points than attempting to score myself when there’s minute chances of it, but it’d be good if the same was the case with other players…. Defensively I enjoyed my time…. challenging the ball carrier from the zone satisfies me, but lack of support frustrates me. Midnight Gamblers tended to move the ball around their 3-point arch and try to shoot from beyond, which wasn’t too effective for most of the night. I put a fair amount of pressure on them, so I think this threw them off, plus it prevented the drive a fair amount of the time…

I’m guessing that this season with such a large team that there’ll be quite a bit of downtime off the court, so I’ll need to make the most of court time….

Next week sees an early game against the rough & tough Bruins at 7:15pm, come on down and cheer us on!!!

header image by StuSeeger