Last night at church Matt Dodd spoke on Colossians 2:6 – 2:23.
One of the illustrations that he used about being

rooted and built up in him

was the amount of concrete necessary for the foundation of the Burj Dubai Tower. It’s a massive 110,000 Tonnes of concrete….

This was indeed an interesting fact, but today in my blogservations I found a link to an article that had some relevance to the tower and indeed to Dubai overall. The article: ‘We need slaves to build monuments’ speaks about the poor slaves that work on these towers, living in horrible conditions, being paid next to nothing and not having basic human rights at all….

Quite a sad state of affairs really…. Especially seeing as the construction work in Dubai doesn’t seem to look like slowing down at all with the construction of Dubai Towers, The Lagoons; four towers which are meant to emulate candlelight, possibly the ep-07 tower; still in discussion as to whether it will go ahead or not, and Dubai City Tower which has been planned as 6 separate buildings that twist into one, standing at over 2.4km tall….