A bittersweet (or sweetbitter??) victory in my eyes for the Mighty Kites over Team Beerfest: 44 v 32. Considering that Team Beerfest only had a 4-man team, compared to our 9 man team, it was quite a miserable difference to have come away with…
Before the game had even commenced, the height difference was already noticable with their guys asking me to step in for the tip off rather than Geoff, yeah right….
Our points seemed to come thick and fast with plenty of connecting passes, strong drives and effective communication whilst at the other end, strong defensive pressure forced them to take majority of shots from the outer perimiter, something they weren’t reluctant to do, however they lacked accuracy from that range so most shots were hopelessly thrown away. This resulted in us quadrupaling their score at one stage…
As the game progressed things started to lax on our behalf, as they seem to have in the past, with rebounds not being taken, lazy defense and easy turnovers gave them plenty of oportunity, which they capitalized on; dropping a greater percentage of outside shots in with little to no obstruction on our part. There was even one fast break of Team Beerfests where one of their players got a shot off against three of our boys which missed, but he managed to grab the rebound and convert it to 2 points.

Personally I think I played well, a bit more confident in bringing the ball up, although there’s still some work to be put in on calling and making plays. Defensively I had fun chasing the ballcarrier down from about halfcourt, but again lacking sufficient backup when this fell through.

Next week sees a return to the early slot of 7pm against Flashbacks, a challenging match to ensue.