Still in last place at the start of the round, we had our first encounter with league new comers WK. The tip-off was taken by Geoff for a change, although the results were the same. The game picked up quite furiously after that, somewhat reflected in the scoreline which showed 5 v 6 around the quartertime mark. There was much to and fro between the teams throwing away silly passes, losing control of the ball and shots just not falling. For the rest of the match, the lead seemed to change hands a number of times and blow out by a fair number of points. In the last 3 minutes however, we managed to claw our way up to a three point lead, subsequently followed by some time-consuming dribble and pass play before an eager play landed the ball in their hands for a two point momentum builder. We weren’t able to make use of the ball from there, however with the clock dripping away, WK were a little too eager to make a play, controversially making a 3 point basket and claiming victory whilst the other ref called our subs in from the bench. All this occurred as the clock ran out, and the refs ruled the basket as not counting, handing us an ever so narrow victory 31 v 30.
The game felt nice, we banded together well in defense, yet upon reflection it wasn’t that crash hot…. And paced ourselves in offense. Rebounds were again a problem with our tall guys losing them over our shorter rivals.

I felt like it was a nice run, coming away with a number of steals, a couple of rebounds as well as a few assists.

Next week we’re up against Xtreme; 715pm. Hoping for an interesting match and a win.