Today is the first day of my Christmas holidays. As I type, I’m on an airport shuttle off to catch a plane to Hong Kong. It’ll be the second time this year to Hong Kong and the sixth time in my life. The main purpose of the trip is to attend my cousin Bonnie’s wedding, which takes place on Saturday. I’ve not got to see Bonnie too many times throughout the years, the difficult being that she grew up in Canada and now lives in Hong Kong, but when we did get to speak earlier this year I found out that she had travelled a similar career path to me.
Apart from the wedding, there’ll be plenty of shopping and eating, but I would like to get out and shoot quite a lot of photos as well as get some design work done like editing a short film we shot at tafe years ago, designing the SALT website and re-theming CHONGLAND with a custom theme.
Do you have any extra holidays over Christmas and New Year?? And what plans or projects will you undertake??