The event that primarily brought us back to Hong Kong this time around occurred today: the union of my cousin Bonnie to her long time squeeze Simon

  • Both immediate families are non-Christian
  • They are both Chinese
  • The ceremony was scheduled for 2:15pm in the Hong Kong Park Marriage Registry. We arrived at Hong Kong Park by taxi just shy of 2pm. After finding the in-laws, we all piled into the registry, which was a tiny little room with a table occupying about two thirds of it, along with 4 rows of chairs. Squeezing both sides of the family plus other guests was a difficult task, leaving standing room only with an overflow section…. Bonnie & Simon came on in and sat down whilst the celebrant did her thing and then most of the ceremony was over, leaving only the ‘media’; photographers and videographer, to command people on what to do. We would have been out of that room within half an hour, if not less….

    Following this were some big group photos around a colosseum before guests made their way away, to meet up at the reception this evening.