Today we went to a shopping complex built by one of mums classmates in Kowloon. The plan was to leave early, but you know how the best laid plans can go. We went out to catch a bus, initially it was to be the 103 from in front of Victoria Park, however when boarding the bus and asking the driver if it went to Kowloon, he said no and told us to catch the 113, which we couldn’t find. Then after looking at some bus timetables and route charts the 941 looked reasonable, but to be on the safe side mum rang my uncle Young Man, whom we were meeting, for clarification and he told us the 116, which we promptly boarded, even though it was destined to head to Quarry Bay on Hong Kong island. We ended up at the end of the line sitting on the top level of the bus when they shut the power off and we heard the driver get off. After sitting there for about a minute letting things sink in with my family, we got off and went to ask the group of five drivers about getting to Kowloon, and explaining the mistake that was made, along with haggling over the return trip price. The driver that mum asked treated her as an idiot, always asking if she understood. Her actions didn’t seem to convey her understanding…
As the 116 left the start of the line and got on it’s way there was a great sense of déjà vu.
That, unfortunately, was not the end of our bus dramas. Once we’d made it under the harbour and in the vicinity of our destination we missed our stop due to the fact that mum had dozed off to sleep and the rest of us didn’t know where we were getting off… So we ended up getting off at the next stop and catching a taxi to this shopping centre.
The centre, called Kowloon City Plaza, wasn’t that impressive when compared to all the other plazas around, but there were some impressive decorations around.