This week in a return to the season the Mighty Kites took on Bruins in an exciting match. The jump was taken by Gareth this week as a change of pace who tipped it to me. I sent it on to John who went to put it in but missed. Bruins ended up with the ball and slowly made their way down, but John was still lurking and managed a great steal to pocket the opening points of the game. The remainder of the first half remained in the hands of Bruins, they played strong in the key and managed to secure a slight lead.

The second half saw plenty of calls from the refs; I think total foul calls in the half was 17!! A few of the calls were questionable, but there isn’t much use complaining, something that a few of the Bruins should learn. It did mean that we had some time to breath though which helped, especially since the majority of our points came from points on the fast break.
Towards the end of the game, points were really close in the mid 30s when Bruins hit 8 team fouls, sending our fouled player to the free throw line for 2 shots each time a foul is committed, not a good situation to be in with a few minutes left on the clock in a tight game. This proved crucial in the final score as Geoff went to the line twice in the dying minutes of the game to sink four free throws. Final score 41 v 37 to us.

All the guys played well this week. I think I did well, enjoyed the game and scored a few points after being sent to the free throw line about three times with a 50% strike rate. I got a few drives in, but nothing successful. Still need to work on confidence in bringing the ball up and commanding the plays.

Next week is a late one, at 10:15, against wooden spooners And Far Away. Hoping for a showtime game.