We had our first Bible study for the year tonight. I thought it was really good and encouraging, despite not looking at much of the Bible…

I’m not too sure what gives me such an impression, perhaps it’s the great mix of young and older members of 7fifteen, maybe it’s just Mike, maybe it’s how all members seemed to be positive and want to be there and contribute, but it’s definitely because God has poured out his blessings on us and rekindled a passion.

So in the group are: Mike, Katrina, Jase, Allison, Katie, Jack, Kim, Rach, Andrew, Imanuel, Leigh, Megan, Alfie and myself. The night started with dinner followed by a game where we had to write something then pass that on, only to receive a written piece which we had to draw, this was then passed on and we had to guess/describe it and so the cycle went, however each pass, the previous description or drawing was covered up. It was a fun game and led to plenty of laughs at the end.

We then looked at an article on “how to be in a small group” which listed helpful tips on how a member should act and why we were there, or why we should be there. They were:

  • Turning Up
  • Preparing
  • Praying
  • Being Personal
  • Loving Each Other

We also discussed what we’d be studying this term which will be the book of Luke, from the Essential Jesus book that’s been published by Sydney Anglicans as part of Connect 09.

As a part of knowing and loving our group, each week we’ll also have a kind of self expose/ autobiography/testimony and tonight were Jase and Allison.
The night ended with some prayer before supper and continued fellowship.