I’ve been interested in Crazy P since winning their album The Wicked Is Music back in 2002 when they were known as Crazy Penis. They’ve since gone on to release another 5 albums and change their name to something a bit more user friendly. I caught them at The Forum last Thursday night with a few friends; Geoff, Andrew, Carly, Adrian and Julie, for an enjoyable show, despite not knowing 2 thirds of the tracks they played.

Crazy P

For those unfamiliar, Crazy P was masterminded by Chris Todd and James Baron; they’ve been playing and producing behind the moniker since 1995. They’ve since been joined by Tim Davies and Mat Klose with the very talented and eclectic Danielle Moore upfront on vocals. Their musical style ranges from downtempo to disco to house and lately verging on indie pop.

As the show commenced, the band made their way on stage to the eerie sounds of World of Imagination and proceeded to play before Danielle graced the stage in metallic pink tights and a black semi-mid-drift top, topped off with a pink glove on her left hand, reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Her dance moves throughout the show weren’t quite the same as his, but they too had a unique style gleamed from the 80s with plenty of kicks and spins making for an entertaining show. About half way through the set, Danielle disappeared from the stage as the guys belted out the instrumental Cruising only to re-emerge in what she entitled “her American Prom Dress”; an asymmetrical black and silver dress over one shoulder only, appropriately matched with a singular black glove on her left hand again.

Danielle - American Prom Dress

For those interested, here’s the set list, thanks to Adrian and Julie for their very knowledgeable input:

  1. World of Imagination [Intro only]
  2. My Love
  3. Too Far
  4. Lie Lost
  5. Stop Space Return
  6. In & Out
  7. Never Gonna Reach Me
  8. Cruising [Danielle’s dress change]
  9. Over To You
  10. Place Called Love
  11. Love On The Line
  12. Give A Little
  13. Sun Science

Now at the closeout of their show the band formed a line and thanked us all for coming out to support them, especially since we’d practically paid nothing to get in; tickets originally selling, or not selling, at $43 each, being reduced to $21 each on the day. After they’d left the stage, the crowd in The Forum erupted in their usual fashion (at least in my experience) of “Encore” and banging on the wooden panels, promptly bringing out Crazy P to perform once more. Danielle asked if we wanted one more, to which someone in the crowd audibly replied 2, so they upped the ante and gave us 3, which turned into 3.5 with a combination of 2 songs:


  • Lady T
  • You Started Something/Living Without Your Love
  • Let The Music Play [Crazy P Live Remix]

The crowd seemed to get into the encore almost more than the show. We think it was because of the older, more popular nature of the tracks played. The final surprise remix of Let The Music Play was my favourite of the night, seeing as it was totally unexpected, yet such a well known track, although I didn’t pick it until we hit the chorus despite singing along from the get-go…. I just bought their latest album Stop, Space, Return this morning as well, so expect some sort of a review soon.

Photos courtesy of Lorraine.