After last weeks bye, the Mighty Kites took to the court against Team Beerfest. It took some time for things to kick off as they only had 2 players ready to take the court at game start. This slowly bumped up to 3… And then finally 4 (the minimum required to take the court) and it was time to tip off.

Nima took the tip this week, sending it onto Gareth who fired it down to James for an attempted basket which missed. Beerfest came away with the rebound, as they would do for most of the game, despite our height and strength advantages, however they missed their shot too, leaving the opening points for us, which I think Josh put in.

As the game progressed there were plenty of opportunities to score, but many of them also resulted in opportunities for rebounds.
Tonight’s performance on the court was pretty average. We picked up well as a team, but we weren’t eager or active enough in going for the ball or baskets… The final score was 38 – 31 in our favor.

I felt a little sluggish on the court tonight, however after about a quarter on, things started to pick up. Still very keen on running down the ball carrier up the court and it was worthwhile doing so as a few steals and turnovers resulted from it. On offense, 1 attempted layup on the break was unsuccessful, and that was about the extent of my offensive game, so I do need to pick that up better, run the ball up the court and command some plays for the team.

A thanks to our supporters tonight; Birthday girl Nat, Aimee, Rach & Kim for coming to watch and cheer. You can do likewise next week when we take on ladder leaders Flashbacks at 7pm next Thursday.