Last night we had our second Bible study for the year. It grew a little bigger too with Ian, James, Suzie and Tim joining us.

After dinner we played a game similar to marbles, except this one was played with sheep knuckles from Mongolia. The aim was to flick one into another without hitting any others in the process, however only certain knuckles could be flicked based on orientation.

This weeks testimonies led us to getting to know Leigh and Andrew a bit better, along with a review/quiz on last weeks testimonies.

After reading through the first 3 chapters of Luke we discussed some points that raised questions, challenges, encouragement or interest. Here’s a brief summary of the results:

  • Mary, the mother of Jesus and her importance
  • It can be seen how she is raised to such a level of importance, she herself prays that every generation shall call her blessed, yet she immediately goes on to focus on God and the great things he has done. She does respond faithfully to Gabriel’s words, but she was not sinless.

  • The Holy Spirit plays an important role.
  • The events of the time are not ordinary, there are Angels present and The Holy Spirit comes on the majority of the people whom are blessed. All things point to a miraculous birth.

  • Zechariah was old
  • Much like Abraham, Zechariah was very old when he was told that he’d be a father… He didn’t believe, like Israel continually did, yet the prophecy was fulfilled, as with Israel.

  • Jesus in the Temple being in His Fathers House
  • It seems strange that Mary and Joseph didn’t seem to understand who Jesus was despite the miracle birth amongst other things…. This also applies to the speech that Simeon gives. Although it does say Mary treasured these things in her heart, it was discussed that this could be taken as pondering/wondering, or being proud, having fond memories or valuing the event(s).

  • John is filled with The Holy Spirit from his mothers womb
  • An amazing concept, basically means that he was empowered or anointed to speak the truth of Christ.

  • Tax Collectors are addressed
  • Luke is often referred to as the Gospel to the poor. Money and taxes, rich and poor appear to be a recurring theme throughout the book.

  • Children of Abraham
  • John warns people who believe that they are saved based on Abraham and being a chosen people. This is not the case and they still need to repent and believe.

  • The initial greeting
  • an interesting reason that Luke writes the book for; it is something orderly and so that we may know with certainty. It is also addressed to The Most Honorable Theophilus, which is a historical figure, but also means God lover.