Tonight I went and got a haircut. Having been going to the same place for a few years and seen a few changes filter through, which is great for the hairdressers that have moved on, but not so good for me….

Initially at my old salon I had a consistent hairdresser Renee, but she moved on to work with TiGi. Then it was a mixed bag for a while, mostly experienced/senior stylists, but the level continued to drop per visit. Those that were cutting I had at least seen in the salon for a few prior visits, then it deteriorated to new people that didn’t know what to do….
In the end I left that salon, relying on my friend Jo whenever I was in Canberra to do the honors. I could always rely on her to do a great job on my hair, creatively styling it. What’s more she enjoyed doing it, to the point of missing cutting my hair and it’s texture.

Now I’d driven past Inspiration Hair before and to be honest I thought it was a different salon that I was booking in to which is a couple of doors down. When I strolled in, I was greeted by a lovely young lady who welcomed me in and showed me to a seat. After handing me a new customer sheet to fill in, she brought over a glass of water and a cherry & coconut yogurt topped muesli bar and told me she’d be back with some style books to help choose something she could cut for me.
When deciding on a style, I’m not particularly fussed, as long as I can wear it down for work and up for other times, she told me I was easy, which was kinda funny…
After that I was taken to the basin for a hair wash which consisted of shampoo, conditioner and a massage, that surprisingly extended beyond my head down to neck and shoulders, which was a first….

Back to the cutting bench and I found out my cutters name was Ashley and that she’d been cutting for about 5 years and enjoyed it, which is what you want. I was amazed when she told me that she liked the texture of my hair, something reminiscent of Jo, a good sign to start off with. We had a few good little conversations hand in hand with a few silences, but there’s potential repeat service to Inspiration. All up the service was a bit more expensive than my normal, but I’m happy with the end result, I’ll have to see how things measure up on the next visit as to how creative they can go.