This week on the Fred Caterson courts we took on the competition top dogs Flashbacks.

The game was frustrating with our baskets not sinking, rebounds not being secured, the team not playing as one and the referees not calling a heap of fouls. For the most part we played as individuals on the court, this was quite evident as the ball carrier would often drive themselves when there was plenty of better options available. In addition when an option was eventually taken but then foiled by Flashbacks defense, we tried to make it work anyway, rather than resetting or looking for an alternative. I think the main weaknesses here are lack of vision and communication coupled with a lack of confidence.
Defensively I thought we weren’t making enough effort to apply pressure and hanging back to stop the shot when it was being taken rather than prevent the opportunity for the shot, something that I think should be done especially against a high percentage shooting team.

Final score was 24 vs 43 in their favour

I thought my game wasn’t all up too bad, applied pressure well, carried the ball down the court a few times, making some plays when I did and I also scored a basket. It was quite an impressive basket as well, not wanting to speak more highly of myself than I should, James had mentioned a 1-2 play as we started coming down the court, me with the ball. I pulled up at the top of the key, sent the ball left to James and then headed through the key towards the basket, with a slight left to my path. Ball came back from James and I went for a layup, drawing a couple of defenders who couldn’t pass up the opportunity of blocking the smallest man on the court. Unfortunately for them, I had a nice little trick up my sleeve and drew the ball back down, and then looped it up after they had had a swat, sending the ball sailing into the basket, kissing the glass for an NBA worthy layup with plenty of airtime…

Next week we take on Grantham at prime time 8pm. Come along and watch our majestic ballet.