It’s Sunday afternoon and as I catch the train home I thought it’d be an opportune time to catch you up on the weekend that was my turning 29.

Technically not the weekend, but the best starting point nonetheless, I woke up at the insane hour of 3:40am to ready myself for another BusinessChicks breakfast as volunteer/photographer extraordinaire. I took a bunch of photos (flickr) mainly utilizing my 50mm prime lense this session for a different look/feel this time. I thought they turned out well.

Working through the day was fairly busy, especially with my colleague on an RDO. Grabbed Japanese lunch with John, Mandy and Court. I had the teriyaki chicken which was pretty filling. Post work the weather took a turn for the worst, so we ended up heading to the Brooklyn for drinks as people gathered to come along for dinner. I downed 3 CC & lemonade and a Jagerbomb in the 2 odd hours we were there before ducking back to work to grab my bag and heading off to dinner.

Dinner was at Industrie, the place I used to frequent for the SHE parties before they moved off to Trademark. It’s quite a cosy place and I thought it’s be interesting to eat there. The food was tasty, I had a prawn saganaki with ouzo. My meal was accompanied by a refreshing and flavoursome concoction mixed by the Industrie barman who appreciated my dancing back in the day. It was something with southern comfort, peach juice and possibly topped off with lemonade, garnished with a couple of peach slices. A really easy drink, similar to my beloved CC & lemonade. After that it was a train ride home before bed.

Saturday morning after a good night on the drink is normally interesting. This, like last years, wasn’t too bad. After readying myself it was off to Daves place to meet the crew before venturing off to Centennial Park for Good Vibrations. The weather being rainy and overcast ensured packed tents with little room to move and plenty of pushing through the crowds. Being on the cans meant that I didn’t really get to get about and appreciate as many acts as I’d planned to, but towards the end of the day I got to catch Roni Size Reprasent, The Pharcyde and Deadmau5 in his giant mau5head complete with glowing eyes for an awesome set!! After trudging back to Daves place in the rain completely soaked, we pretty much passed out till this morning.

After finally getting up we headed to The Rose for delicious gourmet pizzas. And that was the weekend…

A better one than last year, a bit more controlled, from my recollection, although movements were much the same.